Monday, August 27, 2007

Peace of Mind

Close your eyes for a little while and just listen.  What do you
hear? When you are in quiet surroundings, there are many sounds
that come to your ears: the hum of electricity, ventilation ducts,
cars, wind, insects, frogs, squirrels, birds, telephones,
construction, and more - it is impossible to escape noise in this

If you can withdraw your mind from these external sounds, you can
hear much subtler vibrations from within. For example: If you are
in a sound proof room, you will notice the sound of your heart beat
and breath.

Meditation and Yoga practitioners who meditate in the "silence" of
retreats, beaches, caves or mountains are, sometimes, able to
withdraw their minds from external sounds and from the vibrations
of their physical bodies. They can then focus their minds on subtle
energy inside them.

When you direct your inner ear toward the energy inside your body,
you are able to hear the subtle sounds from within. Our ancestors
spoke them aloud, and each of these subtle inner sounds became one
letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. The Sanskrit language was
developed from the sounds of our subtle internal energies.